Pre-Flight Checklist

Security Line, Denver Airport (DEN)Sprinting Through Security

Get in the short line, and sail through security time, plus updates on what you can and cannot bring through TSA checkpoints. Plan your airport arrival by knowing how to find out how long the lines are before you leave your house!

MetropacDoubleBFF Baggage: Day Pack Carry-On

A travelers best friend (besides the carabiner), the Day Pack contains those items which not only serve us, but keep stress at bay.  Find out what an anti-theft bag is and how it can work for you.

Rolling BagBFF Baggage: Rolling Carry-On

Be sure your bag will fit in the overhead bin of an Embraer 145, possibly the smallest plane you’ll ever use to hop from big city to small city.

Multi-colored CarabinersHooking Up with Carabiners

Hang on to your sanity and your valuables using these inexpensive safety clips.

Eating on the Fly Healthy lunch idea, Bento Style

Eat cheap and healthy on the plane so that you have more dinero for diving into the local food when you are on the ground!  Let’s face it, eating the ethnic cuisines in the cities and countries we visit is part of the vacation.  But buying food on the fly can end up more expensive than the plane ticket!

Illustration of disgruntled boy, circa 1950sEtiquette

How to act at an airport to speed your trip and avoid frustration.  How to act on an airplane so the flight attendants want to bring you free drinks. How NOT to act on an airplane and ensure you never get free drinks.  How your behavior on an airplane helps or hinders your safety and the safety of others.

Terminal Map Overview - Chicago O'HareAirline Hubs, Codes and Airport Terminal Maps

Three planning tools to take the pain out of the plane!

Sleeping at airportLayovers

A big part of travel fatigue is caused by sitting around airports.  Ward off travel fatigue by using layovers to keep your body and mind sharp. Know where the power stations are and how long it will take you to get to the gate and catch that next flight!

GateGuru On PhonesSmartphone Apps

As I travel, I’ll be trying out different smartphone apps and reviewing them, seeing how much time they save me, and how helpful they are in finding activities, services, food and retail in various airports.

If you don’t see what you need – tell me what you’d like to know, and I’ll write about it!


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