Contents (May Shift in Flight)

Amazing fluffy clouds outside the airplane window.

I don’t know of a better place to find God than in the air.  From the air, the daily stresses are far below, cars and houses and people are very, very small.  A handful of people, each leaving something to go to something, together for just s moment of transition and never together in the same configuration again.  It’s miraculous.

Flying is a great metaphor for life.   The endless steppe of bumpy white, the amaranthine blue of sky above the clouds.In a cloudless sky, both ground and sky are endless, you can see everything clearly, your path is not obscured.  You can see the ways that humans have taken the earth and created a kind of cyborg – partly covered by nature, partly covered by and intricate pathway of human construction.  You can see the roads available, the choices you will make on the ground completely visible. Sometimes you are in between clouds layers and, except that you know better, the way looks impassable – then, you break through what is really only vapor, only an illusion, and you can see again.

The air is full of miracles. Think about it: we fly in a giant tube hurtling through the air, taking us someplace new and fresh.  Free from wifi and cellphones and the endless tasks of the day, we get to sit and read, and look out the window from a vantage point that is rare, and take a break while somebody else serves the refreshments.

The Theology of Flight is here to give me a place to drop my travel photos, travel tips for safety, pleasure and savings, and my thoughts on how I find God in the sky.


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