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Ask Diane

Ask me air travel related questions – go ahead, I can take it! I can either answer them from personal experience, or find the answer for you.  Second to personally exploring the world by air, I love to do research and I happen to have a bevy of air travel savvy friends, pilots, flight attendants, inventors, spec writers, and angels to draw information from.

So Bring It On!


9 thoughts on “Ask Diane

  1. My 17 year old is flying alone (and flying for the first time). Any advice or tips for the apprehensive, and first time solo traveler? Atlanta to Eugene, OR, with one connecting flight in SLC, UT. Please advise on the connection as well! Thanks! (He leaves Sat., so we will be anxiously awaiting your advice.)

  2. Hi. We surely could have used your wisdom to navigate through Charles de Gaulle. We got through the first line on the main level OK, but once we went up, we were pretty much lost.
    e did, of course, make it home OK, but not without a scramble to find where we were supposed to go.

    also, warn readers that if they are flying on a small airline out of O’Hare and need lunch or dinner they should eat before going through security or to their gate area. Once you’re in the small airline space all you can get is Mc-food and unappealing sandwiches.

    • I’ll add a CDG airport map to the Airport Hubs page. As far as food, I recommend buying a delicious Parisienne sandwich and some fresh produce for lunch – as long as you eat it before you land, you don’t have to claim int on the customs form!

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