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BFF Baggage: Rolling

ERJ-145 is about the smallest plane you will find yourself one, and then only when hopping from a large city to a small city (i.e., Chicago (ORD) to Lincoln, NE (LNK).  You need to know this – and here’s why:

When you choose a rolling bag, choose one that fits under the seat of the smallest plane you may find yourself on.  Because the bins are often MUCH smaller on these little planes and often FULL.  There are advantages to putting your rolling bag under the plane, but if it is the only bag you brought (because you are a wonderfully seasoned, experienced traveler and need very little), then you might not want your wallet and laptop sitting on your lap for the whole flight.

The ERJ-145 (ERJ = Embraer Regional Jet, 145 = the smallest tiniest little plane ever) has on seat along the right side as you enter the cabin, and two seats on the left.  The underseat dimensions (this means, your bag much be just the teensiest bit smaller to fit here) are:

Area Width Height Depth
Under 1 seat side 16″ 12″ 9″
Under 2 seat side 17″ 12″ 9″
Overhead Bin 45.5″ 15″ 9″

So get a rolling bag that is no bigger than 16″ x 12″ x 9″.  It will fit in the overhead bin OR under the seat.  You’ll never lose or wait for luggage again.

small SwissGear Rolling Bag
I love this bag so much I could marry it.

Note that this bag has 5 zippered compartments.

Compartment #1:    Closest to the handle, opens up all the way for clothes, and has several nifty pockets on one side for undies and sox and such.  Also has heavy duty straps for subduing fluffy clothing.

Compartment #2:    Half as wide as the clothes compartment, and is big enough for a toiletry bag, travel hair dryer, umbrella, and rolled up raincoat.  If you know you are going to a hotel that has a hair dryer, you can slip in a pair of low-top Chuck’s.

Compartment #3:   Made for a 17″ or smaller laptop.  Mine is an 11″ MacBook Air, so super slim I can get it, my tablet AND the cords for recharging all in this space, with room to stuff small stuff around it.

Compartment #4:  This is the organizational compartment with loops pockets and zippers and velcro for organizing pens and batteries and first aid and makeup and tickets and papers and magazines.  I leave enough room to put my quart-sized see through bag (the one I put liquids in to go through security) because it’s so easy to whip it out and push it back in, or quickly open the large compartment and put it in there for the rest of the ride).

Compartment #5:  This is a small flat pocket on the very front, but a Nook or Kindle fits in there, and other little odds and ends like the flat packet of 99% Germ Free Wipes I carry EVERYWHERE, and with which I wipe down EVERYTHING I’m going to touch on an airplane.  Because colds, flu, virus and germs go on vacation too.


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