Catalunya – Food

The wonderful thing about eating in Catalonia (Catalunya) is that you eat a little of a lot.  Every menu has a dozen or more small plates (tapas) and if you are traveling with others as I am, everyone orders a few different plates and shares. It’s a perfect way to eat without getting that tired-bogged-down-ate-too-much feeling.  I find all over Europe the food is so delicious and so well prepared that I don’t eat as much.  That sounds crazy, but it’s like my body and tongue get satisfied and are just ready to sit and feel happy.  Fast food makes you want to eat more, and I think this is because your body is not getting the nutrients and your tongue is not getting the flavors they want – so they are never satisfied.  You stop eating only because your stomach hurts.

Enjoying cuisine through a few forkfuls of many foods gives you room to explore.

Mouse over the photos to read the captions, click on photos to go to a slide show format.


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