Union Station, DC

Union Station in Washington, DC is a train station, Metro station, shopping mall, high-end food court, and architectural wonder. On your next trip to the capital city, don’t overlook it as a highlight.  When you’ve shopped and eaten and wandered and “ahhh’ed” over the magnificent architecture, the Metro station is right there, you can quickly access art galleries, Smithsonian, memorials, government buildings, great restaurants and great theatre all over the city.


Union Station is the main Railway Station in Washington. Constructed between 1907-08, for 40 years it was the main gateway to our nation’s capitol.


The 5.8 Richter Scale earthquake, the most violent recorded quake to strike Washington, D.C., caused sections of ceiling plaster to crumble and break free from the Main Hall and Concourse area.


The East Hall  features the colorful, detailed stencils Pompeii-style traceries on walls and ceilings. Designs are of fish, griffins, fruit, and geometric designs.


Directory map to shops in Union Station, Washington D.C.

All photographs are the private property of Diane Mawr, copyright 2013 and may not be used without written permission.


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