Mission: San Xavier del Bac

Pure and pristine, starkly white against the blue of Arizona sky, Mission San Xavier del Bac stands oddly alone among the dry desert land and flowering cactus outside Tucson. Founded by a Jesuit priest in 1692, the Mission San Xavier del Bac continues to serve the Tohono O’odham, the native people of this area near Tucson, AZ.

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All photos copyrighted 2013 by Diane Mawr and may not be used elsewhere without written permission.


3 thoughts on “Mission: San Xavier del Bac

  1. The day I was there the wind was blowing hot grit into our faces. I could almost feel myself being at some lonely outpost in the Spanish territories.

  2. A beautiful mission in the middle of nowhere. You may recognize my Gravatar as the inside of the dome. Very similar to your photo. Great shots of this wonderful place. Becky and I love Arizona! Nice reminders of what we are missing. 🙂

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