Sky Spa

In a recent Sky Sense Reader Poll, almost 30% of you wanted a massage during along layover.  Me, too!  My frequent flyer preferences say WINDOW SEAT PLEASE in capital letters.  Watching the ground and the clouds and sky gives me joy.  And sometimes a crick in my neck.  So I was delighted to discover just how many airports now have TA DA! massage available.

Check out the following list of over 50 airport location where you can get a massage to relax your day between flights.

I’ve also included a link directly to the massage group in case the airport location you are looking for isn’t listed – this is a growing addition to airports and every site I visited had “coming soon” locations.

Check the websites for other spa services and pricing.

If you don’t yet know your airport’s three letter code, check this directory.

XPress Spa

Airport Terminal/Concourse Area Gates Nearby Spa
ATL Terminal A Food Court Opposite Center Food Court XPress Spa
ATL Terminal C Across from Gate C37 XPress Spa
AUS Gate 13 Knot Anymore
BNA Concourse C Gate C14 Massage Bar
BNA Concourse D Gate B1 Massage Bar
BOI Food Court Near down escalators for Concourse C Massage Bar
BOS Terminal B Gate 29 XPress Spa
CLE Concourse B Gate B2 Massage Bar
CLE Concourse C Gate C3 Massage Bar
CLE Concourse D Gate D6 Massage Bar
CMH Concourse B Across from Starbucks Massage Bar
CVG Concourse B Gate B15 Massage Bar
DEN Terminal A Concourse A  Diagonal from Gate 46 A Massage
DFW Terminal D South Retail Hall Gate D20 XPress Spa
DFW Terminal D Kiosk Gate D24 XPress Spa
EWR Terminal C Gate 92 D_Parture Spa
IAD Concourse B Gate B64 Massage Bar
IAH Terminal D Gates D7-D8 XPress Spa
JFK Terminal 1 Kiosk Gate 3 XPress Spa
JFK Terminal 1 Gate 5 XPress Spa
JFK Terminal 4 Concourse B Gate B25 XPress Spa
JFK Terminal 4 Concourse A Kiosk XPress Spa
JFK Terminal 4 Pre-Security Main Atrium XPress Spa
JFK Terminal 5 Gates 1-5 XPress Spa
JFK Terminal 6 May have closed Oasis Spa
JFK Terminal 7 Gate 7 XPress Spa
LAS Terminal 1 D Gates XPress Spa
LAS Terminal 3 XPress Spa
LGA Terminal C Gate 15 XPress Spa
MCO Airside 1 Gates 1-9 XPress Spa
MCO Airside 2 Gates 100-129 XPress Spa
MCO Airside 3 Gates 40-49 XPress Spa
MCO Airside 4 Gate 60-99 XPress Spa
MIA Terminal D Gate D10 XPress Spa
MSP Concourse C/D Regis Salon XPress Spa
MSP Concourse F Regis Salon XPress Spa
MSP Terminal 1 Kiosk XPress Spa
PHL Terminal C Gate C18 XPress Spa
PHL Terminal D Delta Club XPress Spa
PHL Gates F19, F30 D_Parture Spa
PIT Concourse A Entrance near the AirMall Massage Bar
PIT Concourse B Gate 30 XPress Spa
RDU Terminal 2 Gate C9 XPress Spa
SEA Concourse C Gate C2 Massage Bar
SEA North Satellite Gate N9 Massage Bar
SFO Int’l Boarding Area G Gate 100 XPress Spa
SFO Terminal 2 Post Security XPress Spa
SFO Terminal 3 Main Hall Gates 80-90 XPress Spa
SLC Concourse B Gate B1 XPress Spa
SLC Terminal 2 XPress Spa
SMF Terminal B Gates B1, B2 Massage Bar
STL Terminal 2 Gate 18 XPress Spa

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