Mr. Bean - Packing for Holiday

Bean There, Packed That

Packing for travel is an art form, and this video with Mr. Bean takes it to the limit!
After the video, read what a variety of expert packers (including me) have to say to make your next packing day a breeze!

Martha Stewart suggests packing each outfit in its own plastic cleaner’s bag to prevent wrinkling. I don’t. I have a piece of cardboard just slightly smaller than half my suitcase and I use it to fold each item of clothing to the same exact size, then make two stacks in the biggest part of my Rolly (my rolling carry-bag – named because I love her).

  • The blog called “Packed Suitcase   gets very specific to the type of trip you are taking – beach, mountains, etc. Chris is TV Producer by day and a freelance travel blogger and photographer by night.
  • Real Simple  has 8 easy tips that I live by.  Especially #1: Layout what you want to take…and put half back (Like Mr. Bean).
  • These packing tips from the TSA will get your carry-on flying through security!
  • Heather Poole, a flight attendant from Los Angeles, created this 10-day carry-on packing slide show for the N.Y. Times.

Get familiar with the size of overhead bins and under the seat spaces from the chart at BFF Baggage: Rolling.

Wherever you go, for however long, remember – you can do laundry.  You can rinse things in a stream or a sink or a laundromat.  You do not need different clothes for everyday!

And if you get bored with the clothes you brought – use the $25-50 dollars you saved not shipping a big bag to buy something new from a local vendor in the style of your destination! It will bring back your memories for years to come.


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