Cherry Blossoms

DC: Memorials – Jefferson, FDR, MLK Jr.

Yesterday I spent an incredible spring day walking around the lake at the Jefferson Memorial and along the National Mall to the Capital Building.  The cherry blossoms are FINALLY popping out and everyone was happy just to be outside in such a beautiful place.

If you haven’t visited the nation’s capital yet, don’t wait.  This is the perfect time of year and these memorials are not just gorgeous but house the most important thoughts of the founders of this country.  It’s moving, it make me weep every time I go.  It’s a hopeful place and you leave proud to be an American, but also humbled by the reminders of how much responsibility goes hand in hand with this kind of freedom and prosperity.

Mouse over photos to see captions – Hope you enjoy the show!

If you’d rather click through the images one at a time, just click on any photo and it turns into a slideshow with arrows.

There is a cool story about Thomas Jefferson‘s death, although it can’t be verified because the three men present at his deathbed all told it a little differently, but in short he woke briefly on July 3rd, asked if was July 4th yet, and then hung on until it was – thereby dying exactly 50 years after the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.


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