Rolling Bag

To Roll or Not To Roll, That is the Question

MetropacDoubleIf I take the DayPack, I have all my stuff under the seat in front of me AND room for my feet.  But then I have to schlep it around during my layover for four hours.But it easily converts to a backpack, so that’s probably not a big deal. But I don’t want to wear my sneakers, I want to wear my cool & comfy wedge moccasins and my feet might get tired hauling an extra 15 lbs on my back for four hours of walking.

But it’s so cool that I was able to get four shirts, pajamas, undies, sox, a raincoat, all my device cords, my wallet, my tablet, my PC, my extra power pack, my personal effects AND my QSZB (quart-sized ziplock bag) AND my travel mug AND my new lunchbox into my super favorite anti-theft messenger bag/daypack.

If I take my Rolling Bag, I don’t even need a purse. But I have to lean down and unzip every time I want something. But it also makes a great footrest. But it’ll take up all the space under the seat in front of me.  But it will fit up in the bin. But then I’ll have to stand and open the bin mid-flight to get to my lunch and devices. But it will roll easily all over the airport as long as I care to keep walking without giving me knots in my neck and shoulder from schlepping 15 extra lbs all day.

BUT I might want to go shopping for a new pair of jeans (I do, I know I’m gonna, I feel it), I might need extra space for … new stuff.

….and the Rolling Bag it is.


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