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Travel Tech: Smartphone Apps

This trip Ill be trying out GateGuru and FlySmart.  I’ll be trying out both while I’m touring Houston International (IAH) this week.  When I come back, I’ll review and compare them. (The image on this post is from

As I travel, I’ll be trying out different smartphone apps and reviewing them, seeing how much time they save me, and how helpful they are in finding activities, services, food and retail in various airports.

Please let me know what apps you use when you travel, in fact, send me a short, one paragraph review (which I reserve the right to edit for length) using my Contact Control Tower  contact form, and after I try it, I’ll post your review with mine and credit you.  I am only looking for apps that work, I am not going to publish any negative reviews.  My purpose is to share what DOES work.

And speaking of what does work, here are my picks for smartphone apps for travel:

FlySmart – Great app for keeping track of your flight.  Shows you the airport you are at, the flight you will be taking, depart / arrival times (although I always think the airport boards are the last word in this), gates you’ll land at and depart from (ditto on checking the airport boards to be sure), duration of flight and this is cool – the phone number for your airline and their website.  It also lets you click to see where restaurants, shops and services are by terminal. Cool! Thanks to follower Missy for suggesting it!

Matrix ITA – A flight database giving you the cheapest flight available across all airlines, then you book with no fees at the actual airline web site. It’s not like Expedia and Hotline because you don’t actually book flights through this side. – No last minute surprises at security for me – I always know what to and not-to bring through security, or HOW to bring it through because I check with TSA before I pack my carry-on. – I always check the weather the night before, and make any adjustments for possible airport slow-downs due to weather. I also never end up Soggy in Seattle  or Numb in North Dakota because I checked the weather and know whether  to bring an umbrella, snow boots and a parka, or a swimsuit and cute batik beach cover-up.  I set up all the cities I most frequent and just keep them resident on my phone so no matter what the day brings, I’m ready! – Books you download to your phone and listen to. Fantastic. I went to Newark the other day and listened to MacBeth dramatized (audio acting) by the amazing Alan Cumming. It was riveting. He also did this one man show at the Lincoln Center Festival in 2012, and is taking it to Broadway April 7-June 30, 2013.  What you should know: Those of you flying into NYC during that period should definitely go see it.  He is brilliant. Now I am listening to my favorite series author Jonathan Kellerman. Who are you listening to when you travel?

Nook  – Books you download to your phone and read.  One of the most glorious things about air travel is that it is an inviolate period where you have your time to with as you will.  What a gift, what a blessing, what a relief to be able to just sit and read for a couple of hours if you want to! What are YOU reading on airplanes?

Next up for Travel Tech: Power backups for all our devices!


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