Outlet in Airport

Travel Tech: Charging Stations

IAH – Houston International

IAH Charging Station @ D9IAH may be the best airport ever for power stations, available wall plugs, Rapid Chargers ($3/3min but it will load up your device that fast, so very handy if you have a short connection to a long flight).  I couldn’t have photographed even a reasonable portion of them.

I walked through Terminals B, C, D & E for several hours and found available (read, no one else using) places to power up with ease.  The long carpeted corridors to the B gates afford a place to sit (albeit on the ground) and re-charge.  The carpet extends up the wall in a curve, so it’s not uncomfortable to sit.  Quite a few people who were traveling together took turns sleeping here while their travel companion watched the bags and re-charged electronics. I didn’t see any single travelers sleeping, but there were a dozen or more sitting and reading or using laptops along these corridors.

Amazing Pocket Chair

click image for more info

I have one of these pocket chairs – it slides right down into the outer pocket of my DayPack – and for $7 it has proven itself worthy.  Over winter break I went to DisneyWorld and staked out a front row seat for the fireworks, sitting comfortably on this reading my Nook while the crowd gathered around me. Also works great for sitting in corridors at airports charging my devices…



SEA – SeaTac Airport

Gate N9

Charging stations are to my right as I take this photo

Charging stations are to my right as I take this photo, Green lights on left are Starbucks.


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