Stained glass window in Seattle Airport on the way to the train between terminals.


One of the most natural things to do before take-off , as I see it, is to pray. Not because I’m afraid the airplane will crash (this USA Today article gives the remarkable statistics of safety), but because it is a fantastic opportunity to be thankful and to bless others. Here’s my airplane prayer, for those of you who address the higher-up in the universe, feel free to steal it.

Dear God:

THE TICKET: Thank you so very much for this plane ticket. It is a gift of great import, it transports me from here to somewhere else in the blink of an eye, it provides me with opportunities I would not have without it. I am so grateful to be on this plane, and thank you for the undeserved gift.

THE INVENTION: Thank you so much for the miracle of flight, thank you for inspiring someone to invent an airplane, and others after him to continue to refine and improve it. Please bless this aircraft, let every bolt, screw, electrical panel, lightening rod, exit door work exactly as intended, exactly as planned by the inventor of this marvelous machine.

THE ANGEL: I beseech you, Oh God, to send down a big fluffy fat angel to fly beneath this plane, to lift us into the sky and to buffer us from any turbulence with his lovely fat angel belly. Please send an angel who thinks turbulence buffering is fun.

THE PREPARERS: And God, please bless every person involved in getting this plane off the ground today. The agents at the gate, the people who tagged and loaded the luggage, the cute Ramp Service guys in earmuffs waving the orange sticks to help the guide the pilots when they pull the plane into the gate, the pilots, the crew, the people who cleaned away the snow from the runway – everyone, please bless everyone.

THE BLESSING, part one: And God please bless every person sitting on this plane. I ask you oh God to spare each person on this plane and all their loved ones and colleagues and friends and families – spare them from any kind of sorrow or trauma today. Please let every parent meet their child at the other end of this flight, every lover meet their lover, everyone working meet their colleagues as planned.

THE BLESSING, part two: Dear God, I pray with all my might that you will bless each person associated with this flight with a special blessing – a blessing so personal, so unique to the person, that they will see you in it and even for those who don’t openly acknowledge you, bless them with something that makes them smile for just a second as they remember who you are and how THERE you are.

My heart is perpetually grateful for your generous, amazing gifts. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



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