Healthy lunch idea, Bento Style

Eating On The Fly

GOLDEN RULE: Don’t pack junk.  This will make you tired.  Pack UBER healthy food – fruit, veggies, quality cheese, whole grain crackers.

Here’s a couple of ideas to help you use food you buy at the grocery store – ALWAYS cheaper and if you make good choices HEALTHIER than food you buy at the airport.


PackIt Frozen Lunchbag
The PackIt (or a lunchbox like it) has gel imbedded inside the fabric sides.  I keep mine perpetually in the freezer so that when I’m leaving for a trip, I can throw my food into it on the way out the door and it will keep for an 8 hour day.  Send it down the conveyor belt inside your daypack, or separately in the bin with your coat and shoes.

NOTE:  Don’t pack yogurt or cream cheese.  TSA will take it away.


Bottle of Water
Dehydration is the number one cause of jet lag or travel fatigue.  Much more so than just staying awake.  But those bottle of water on the other side of security are often $3 apiece.  So here is what you do – stick bottles of water into your freezer the night before you leave.  After you put your belongings into the tubs, but before you push them through, drink off any water that has melted and put the bottle of solid ice into the tub with your shoes and coat.  Now you have water on the other side of security without the added expense.


1 oz gel packsThese little gems will sail through security in your see-through quart size ziplock bag, and pop back into the lunch bag to keep food cool and crunchy. The individual cooler packs (very inexpensive at Target or Walmart or the Dollar Store) can be cut into individual 1 oz packets.  THIS is what gets you through security.  Because you can stick some of them into your quart size bag that you use to get gels and liquids through security and, because they are only 1 oz each, even if they were to thaw (which they wont) they’ll still go through.  Then you can take the frozen solid packs, stick them around the sides of the PackIt lunch box and VOILA cool food as needed.  Lettuce, cheese, fruit will all be deliciously cool when it is time to eat!

What to put in the lunchbox?  Read Sky Food – The Rule of 5


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